Really Well Made

Creating a brand identity for a contemporary furniture retailer.

Public worked hard to understand the unique attributes of our company; the result is our first identity that truly represents the brand's proposition.

Lewis Mitchell
Founder & Creative Director
Really Well Made

We created a complete brand identity for online furniture store Really Well Made. Taking cues from the Scandinavian aesthetic of the brand’s furniture edit, we proposed a minimal sans serif logo and an animated company marque which references the roof of a house and the branches of a tree.

We brought Really Well Made’s overall intent - which combines approachability, luxury and highly personalised customer service - to life with a palette of warm, natural colours; soft, tactile textures; and premium details such as foiling and embossing.

The work took in a wide range of applications, including stickers, packaging, a tote bag, business cards, gift cards and notepaper, as well as digital manifestations for the brand’s website and social feeds.