Kingfisher Sustainability Report

Creating a fresh, engaging report for a major multinational corporation

Our design utilises simple, clean layouts and confident typographic treatments to draw focus to the individual sustainability messages.

Scott Albon
Design Director
Public London

We designed the 2017/18 Sustainability Report and corresponding microsite for home improvement multinational Kingfisher. In a conscious departure from the traditional model, we proposed a graphic system that would enliven the 100-page document and make the considerable amount of in-depth data easy to navigate. This approach created synergy with the accompanying microsite, which aims to engage audiences with a palette of vibrant contemporary colours, playful animations and ultra-simple navigation. Organised in six sections, the microsite presents the report’s main headlines with a brief statement and animated illustration. Playful colours and a fresh sans serif typeface are utilised to add interest and draw focus to the key messages. To expand on the headline statement, further information is accessed via a simple 'Learn More' button, enabling users to scroll down to data presented using simple infographics and statistics in oversized point sizes. Readers can also easily access a PDF download of the complete report via the site.